Experiences in Lemnos

We invite you to live this experience!

– Take a morning stroll to the imposing castle of Myrina, which is the most well known landmark of the capital of Lemnos. A look at the beautiful city from up there, with the picturesque port and the coast of Romeikos Gialos, will make you hold your breath – the view is magical. If you are lucky enough, you will be able to meet some other permanent inhabitants of the area, which are wild deer of the platoni kind who live there freely.

– Explore the picturesque cobbled, shady alley of the local market, which hosts dozens of shops and restaurants and which is the place where the heart of the whole of Lemnos beats. A lively road day and night and a favorite meeting point for all local residents.

– Visit the Archaeological and Ecclesiastical Museum in Romeikos Gialos, the Folk Museum in Portianou, the Museum of Nautical Tradition and Sponge- Fishing in Koutali and the Gallery of Contemporary Balkanian Art in Kontias.

– Do not forget Poliocnhi, one of the most ancient prehistoric settlements of the Aegean, ancient Hephaestia with its great ancient theatre, the Sanctuary of Kaveirio and Philoctetes Cave.

– Enjoy the virgin sandy beaches of the island like Myrina Beach, Nevgatis Beach, Avlonas Beach, Keros Beach (ideal for surfing), Ai-Giannis Beach in Kaspakas, Thanos Beach, Plati Beach, Moudros Beach, Neftina Beach, Gomati Beach, Saravari and Zemata Beach and practice aqua sports or prefer to enjoy the comfort of the beach umbrellas and chairs which are disposable for free.

– Make a stop, after swimming, for coffee or lunch at the cool and picturesque square of Kornos, Plati, Kontopouli, Kaspakas and Tsimandria.

– Enjoy the sunset from Romeikos Gialos, gazing the slopes of Mount Athos in the horizon and admire the great architectural style of the mansions.

– Visit the hot springs of Therma, where you can enjoy the refreshing sense offered by the curative local water which has an extremely high temperature, in the new spa and hot bath facilities.

– Attend one of the festivals that are organized in many villages, on the day of the celebration of a Saint. Such festivals revive customs the roots of which date back to the ancient history of the island- and there you can entertain yourselves by enjoying the local singing and traditional dance groups.

– Take a walk in the area of Kontias, with the stone-built mansions, the picturesque chapel on the piney hill, the impressive windmills and also visit Palio Pedino, a picturesque village which is abandoned because of the earthquakes.

– Visit the chapel of Panagia Kakaviotissa that is located in a rock in the area of Thanos, a remain of one of the many monastery dependences of the island, the church of Saint Sozos- the patron Saint of the island-in Fisini, the chapel of Life-giving Spring in Kotsinas with the underground holy water and the statue of Maroula, Agios Charalampos- after Plaka- with the incredible view, the church of Agios Georgios in Repanidi which is a protected monument of incalculable artistic value

– Wander around the important wetlands of Chortarolimni and Aliki on the east side of the island, which are particularly important places that host migratory and endemic birds as well as little animals, the impressive sand hills in Gomati of Lemnos that create a Sahara-like atmosphere at the area of the waterfalls of Kaspakas, the petrified forest many finds of which are exhibited in the Town Hall of Moudros.

– Enjoy a real horseback ride In Lemnos there is a wonderful farm, called ‘Hepheastus’, offering various horse riding lessons for all ages.

– Taste the traditional flomaria (traditional pasta), the local melipasto cheese (fresh- made cheese), the widely known sweet preserves and syrupy desserts, the thyme honey, the dried figs, the Lemnian wines as well as the extremely fresh kinds of fish and seafood and local meat which are in abundance in the island and are cooked in various ways.

– Get the opportunity to get to know the wine tradition of Lemnos through an organized private visit to its three largest wineries.

– Rent a small boat with a glass-made bottom and set off for the most secluded beaches of the island and enjoy the sea bottom.

-Prefer to have your night drink or your dinner in one of the places that are located in Romeikos Gialos or by the port enjoying the view of the lighted castle of Myrina, as well as in places outside Myrina like Kalithea, Moudros, Kotsinas, Diapori, and Koutali.

– Organize a daily excursion to the “green” little island of Ai-Stratis, which is known for its virgin beaches and the abundant fish.
We promise you the most unforgettable holidays!!!